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Biomechanical Motion Analysis

Biomechanical Motion Analysis


Complaints in the lower locomotors system spoil not only the pleasure to move but as they stay uncovered and unattended they as well may cause serious consequences - no matter which kind of work out you do.


We may help you:

- to do a healthier work out

- to prevent wear and overload at joints and the spinal column


… with the help of a PC-based, biomechanical motion analysis in our analysis studio.




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…up to 5 digital high tech cameras record your movements


a special software enables the exact analysis of the sequences of your movement.

Complex angle charts, which result from anatomic marks and your movement, show the reason of your complaints.


A specific therapy may be initiated by means of this knowledge.

You get a detailed report with a therapy suggestion after your motion analysis.

A CD with your records may be handed as well.