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Individual Foot Supply

Individual Foot Supply


A close interdisciplinary cooperation of the movecontrol experts (also in your surroundings) offers the highest benefit: The individual and best solution for you – efficient, phase adapted and efficient in therapy!

The results of your motion analysis, your complaints and your physiologic specificities as well as your personal data and your ambitions in sports determine the functions and properties of your individual movecontrol.  


From a CAD surface creation to your individual movecontrol…

The unique movecontrol special damping foam combined with a modern CAD / CAM production concept enables an absolute individual adaption of the material properties to your needs – from the design up to special damping properties.



High-Tech Materialsandwich dateien/images/carbon.jpg Einlage Einlage  dateien/images/einlage_weich.jpg

The sandwich of material enables an optimal adaption to roll your foot.

To have a specific effect additional high tech materials, such as carbon, are combined.

“solid“ orthotics
suitable for people with more than 90kg and running velocities more than 14km/h

“medium“ orthotic
suitable for people up to 90kg and running velocities up to 13km/h

 “soft“ orthotic suitable for people up to 70kg and running velocities below 7km/h