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Research & Development

Research & Development


movecontrol really works!


The institute of sports medicine and prevention at the University of Potsdam supported by the federal institute of sports science carried out 2 prospective studies with about 100 runners. The pain reduction and therapeutic efficiency of movecontrol – especially at the Achilles tendon and / or with knee problems – was clearly proved.


movecontrol leads to an increasing muscle activity in every single and detailed movement – in opposite to the conventional orthotics  that only passively corrected the foot position. Moreover movecontrol supports the cooperation between agonist and antagonist by its unique and active control of the movement.






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Baur, H., F. Mayer: Wenn die Sohle schmerzt ... Sporteinlagenversorgung bei Plantarfaszienteilruptur – Ein Fallbeispiel. Orthopädieschuhtechnik 5/03


Praxisnahme Studien an der Universität Potsdam - Klicken zum Vergrößern

Practical studies of the University of Potsdam – click to enlarge

The result


Improved coordination skills that are determining to prevent injuries. Regular examinations are done by the Institute in order to gain best quality in movecontrol orthotics. The recovered data serve to permanently optimize the orthotics – especially under functional and dynamic aspects.